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How To Find And Fix Air Leaks In Your Home

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Ensuring that your home is energy efficient requires paying attention to all the little details. This could mean installing a programmable thermostat so you can better control your family’s use of your heating and cooling system, or it might mean putting in ceiling fans to give your system a little help during the summer and winter months. But one of the most important (and effective) things you can do to maximize your energy dollars is to address any air leak problems in your home. If your home isn’t airtight, a significant portion of the conditioned air your system is producing is being wasted. To solve this problem, you have to first find the leaks, and then fix them. Where to Look for Leaks When you’re looking for leaks in your home, you’ll find they can be almost anywhere. One...

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The Many Benefits Of Portable Toilets

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Porta-potties are quite the common sight in American cities. If you drive around for more than a couple minutes, you are very like to see at least one portable toilet. But why is this? The answer comes from several distinct qualities of the portable toilet: its efficiency, consequent popularity, and extremely visible nature. If you need to conduct any sort of project outside, you should consider portable toilets for the following reasons: The Design The portable toilet is a streamlined system which houses only the absolute essentials. It is generally a vertical rectangular prism that is several feet taller than the average man. Inside is simply a seat with a hole, resembling a traditional toilet. Some units might also be equipped with hand sanitizer dispenser. However, portable toilets do not flush and thus do not have running water. Instead,...

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Preparing Your House For Winter: 3 Stress-Relieving Steps To Consider

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One of the more stressful times of the year for a homeowner is the winter. These months can get extremely cold. In order to prepare your home for the winter, you can consider these steps: Purchase Heating Oil In order to keep your home warm throughout these months, it’s smart to purchase a lot of heating oil. This type of oil comes with several advantages over gas and other heating methods. For one, compared to gas and electricity, heating oil warms up more quickly. That’s because heating oil burns hotter than both natural gas and electricity. This type of oil burns extremely clean, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment or causing breathing problems for your family. Heating oil from companies like Self Heating Cooling is also extremely abundant. There are companies online that can deliver this...

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Two Important Carpet Maintenance Questions Answered

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Carpet has emerged as one of the most common features in modern homes. This should not be surprising given the fact that the price of carpet has plummeted while its durability has vastly increased. However, many homeowners have never had carpet, and as a result, there is a strong chance that they may need a couple of questions answered to ensure that they get the most from their carpets.  How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned? One of the most important steps for ensuring that your carpet last for years is keeping it clean. If carpet is not routinely cleaned, it can cause permanent discoloration or odors to develop. When these problems arise, the only way to correct them may be to replace the carpet, and this can result in thousands of dollars of expenses.  Fortunately, you can avoid this...

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How to Maintain a Clean Roof on Your Home

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One part of your home that does not get cleaned too often if your roof. Since it is so difficult to get to your roof, it is common to find algae, moss, and debris on it over time. Follow these steps for giving your roof a good cleaning. Algae Removal When it comes to removing algae, your initial thoughts might be to use a pressure washer. Unfortunately, using a pressure washer could actually cause damage to your shingles and destroy the protective coating on the them. This will void your warranty, which is definitely not good if you recently had a roof installed. Algae is mainly a cosmetic issue, so there is no need to risk damaging your roof to remove it. The black streaking caused by algae is hard to prevent from happening. It forms by feeding off...

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