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Central Air Conditioning Or Wall Units? Which Is Better For You?

If you have considered getting central air conditioning, you may wonder if it will be worth the money. What are the differences that you would have over using standard wall unit air conditioners? Here are a few points for you to consider about the installation of central air conditioning to help you make a decision on whether it is something that you will want to pursue:


When installing central air conditioning, it is best to hire HVAC contactors to have the job done properly. Central air conditioning has a lot of duct work that will need to be done and the furnace will need to be converted to be able to force cool air throughout the home. These are things that should be done professionally, as they hold some safety risks if they are installed improperly.

Wall units are able to installed by the average homeowner without much trouble. They are heavy, but they are able to be placed using basic tools and knowledge. When installed, window units can take away from the appearance of the home and they block up windows so that you cannot use them to see outdoors.

Cooling Factors

Central air conditioning will cool down an entire home at one time. The cool air is pushed throughout the vent system in the house, making it comfortable in a short amount of time. Wall units will only cool one room at a time. You would need wall units in several different areas of the home to get the amount of cooling that you would get with a central air conditioning system. 

Price Factor

Installation of central air conditioning is more expensive than placing wall units. You will need to pay a service to have it put in properly. However, if you use the duct work that is already installed for your heating, installation will not be as costly.

Wall units are relatively inexpensive to purchase, but they will still use electricity to run them. The amount of electricity needed to run either system would need to be based upon the temperature conditions in the area where you live and the amount of space that you are trying to cool.


Window units will need to be taken out and replaced each season. They can be removed by thieves that want to gain entry into the home. Central air conditioning will not allow you to cool just one room, so the temperature will need to be the same throughout the home. 

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