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Household Plumbing Jobs You Don’t Want To Do

If you’re a handy homeowner, then you’re likely used to doing a lot of home repairs yourself. While putting in a new kitchen faucet or bathroom shower head are straightforward, there are a few plumbing projects you should leave to a licensed plumber. Some of these are dangerous and others will cause a big mess if you do them incorrectly. Here are some projects you should consider having someone else do before you get in over your head.

Installing a Utility Sink

This may be something you’ve wanted to add to your laundry room for some time. It’s also an example of a project that you should hire a plumber for if you want to be successful.

The sink will likely be located close to your washing machine for easy access to the water lines and drain. To make sure the drain runs smoothly, the drain pipe must be run at a certain angle. This also prevents water from the washing machine from backing up into the sink.

The water lines need to be connected properly with a water hammer arrestor. This prevents the banging noise from water pipes when you turn the water on and off in the sink. These are details that a plumber will know about so your sink gets installed correctly.

Main Sewer Drain Problems

If you suddenly find several sinks are not draining, you may have a blockage in the main sewer line. Clearing a clogged bathroom sink is minor but working with the main sewer drain can become a major project. Hire a plumber for this job so you don’t end up with a costly repair bill.

The main drain connects you with the city sewer system. It runs through your yard out to the street where it meets with the sewer. Along that length of drain pipe, there could be tree roots and other objects that have made their way into the pipe. If not careful, you could break the pipe while trying to clear it. The only repair then is an expensive excavation to dig up and replace the broken pipe.

A plumber knows what to expect and may even use equipment to visualize the inside of the sewer line. They may be able to clear out the roots, or work around them, so you can get a few more years of use out of that drain before needing to dig it up and replace it.

Water Heater Replacement

This is a job for a plumbing service that also does water heater installation. Your water heater is a big boiler. The hot water causes pressure to build up in the tank and, if it’s not installed properly, you could risk a dangerous tank rupture. Removing the old tank is difficult due to the mineral deposits that have built up in the tank and make it heavy to move. This may be the most dangerous plumbing job in your home and is best left to those who do it often.

Doing your own home projects can save you money and give you the pleasure of working on your home. Leave the dangerous, messy and expensive projects to a plumbing service. Enjoy your home knowing that these remodeling and repair projects are done properly by the professionals.

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