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How to Maintain a Clean Roof on Your Home

One part of your home that does not get cleaned too often if your roof. Since it is so difficult to get to your roof, it is common to find algae, moss, and debris on it over time. Follow these steps for giving your roof a good cleaning.

Algae Removal

When it comes to removing algae, your initial thoughts might be to use a pressure washer. Unfortunately, using a pressure washer could actually cause damage to your shingles and destroy the protective coating on the them. This will void your warranty, which is definitely not good if you recently had a roof installed. Algae is mainly a cosmetic issue, so there is no need to risk damaging your roof to remove it.

The black streaking caused by algae is hard to prevent from happening. It forms by feeding off limestone, and streaking is caused by the wind pushing the algae over time. If you want to remove these streaks, try using a cleaning solution that is designed to work with asphalt shingles, as it will help maintain the protective coating.

Moss Removal

If you have parts of your roof that are shady and moist, there it is a potential breeding ground for moss. The best way to get rid of moss for good is to add acidity to your roof. Since moss needs a very specific acidity level to grow, you can disrupt its ideal environment by adding lemon or orange juice on the moss. Ammonia and baking powder are also known to destroy moss by making the area more alkaline.

Once the moss is gone, you can clean the area using a garden hose instead of a power washer. Just make sure to spray the water down the shingles instead of upward, as you do not want water to accidentally get underneath your shingles.

It also helps to get sunlight on the area where moss was growing to prevent it from growing back. Try trimming the trees around your roof so that the sun covers it completely

Debris Removal

When removing leaves, dirt and sticks from your roof, you will want to avoid using anything hard that can disrupt the shingles’ protective coating. Use a soft bristle broom to sweep the roof off in a downward motion, or a leaf blower that will simple push the debris off your roof.

Following these tips will help keep your roof looking great all year round—contact a roofer like Freedom Roofing for more tips on cleaning your roof.

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