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The Many Benefits Of Portable Toilets

Porta-potties are quite the common sight in American cities. If you drive around for more than a couple minutes, you are very like to see at least one portable toilet. But why is this? The answer comes from several distinct qualities of the portable toilet: its efficiency, consequent popularity, and extremely visible nature.

If you need to conduct any sort of project outside, you should consider portable toilets for the following reasons:

The Design

The portable toilet is a streamlined system which houses only the absolute essentials. It is generally a vertical rectangular prism that is several feet taller than the average man. Inside is simply a seat with a hole, resembling a traditional toilet. Some units might also be equipped with hand sanitizer dispenser.

However, portable toilets do not flush and thus do not have running water. Instead, the bowl is filled with a disinfectant solution which helps mitigate the odor and pathogens in human waste. They do not need to be cleaned very frequently, but a specialized vehicle is required when they need maintenance.

The Purpose

Portable toilets fill a very large need in modern society: the need for a cheap plumbing system that can be moved and reused. Most construction projects and outdoor events use portable toilets because there is no reason to create a costly plumbing system for a temporary problem. 

If you only need toilets for a very short period of time, such as a week, then you are able to rent portable toilets for much cheaper than it would cost to buy them. Rental companies that specialize in portable toilets, such as Walters Portable Toilets, can be found nationwide, both on the internet and in brick-and-mortar locations.


One of the primary draws of portable toilets is that they do not necessarily require a lot of maintenance on your part. If anything goes wrong or if they fill up, all you need to do is hire a cleaning company to bring a specialized vehicle to your location.

These vehicles generally come equipped with a large pump system that is used to extract the waste from your portable toilet. After that, all you need to do is refill the bowl with more disinfectant solution.

If you are considering an outdoor project of any variety, perhaps a school function or a sports event, then you should consider using portable toilets. They fill all of your needs with a low price tag and no maintenance needed.

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