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How To Choose The Right Commercial Electrician

Choosing the correct commercial electrician can ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner, according to code, and with minimal additional cost. Several factors must be taken into account when hiring a commercial electrician, also referred to as an industrial electrician, that are separate from hiring other types of contractors, and are often overlooked.

Consider the Project in Question

First, you must consider your project. While general electricians can handle small repair, installation, and rewiring projects, other larger projects might require specialty tools, licenses, and knowledge that is not common in the general workforce.

Once you have identified the nature of the project, find out whether or not you need to hire someone with a special license to undertake the project. Generally, anything that directly affects the superstructure of the building or taps into municipal outlets requires a specialty license, but if you are unsure, you can always ask electricians in your area or consult your local guidelines.

As an example, in Delaware, there are four classes of license – Master, Limited, Master Special, and Limited Special – that are each permitted to work on certain projects that holders of other licenses would not legally be allowed to.

Do a Price Comparison Between Similar Electricians

When you’ve found a handful of electricians that are capable both in terms of licenses and knowledge to perform your task, consider their price – compare the overall cost of the project with their reputation, the length of their professional career, and the relative strengths of their references.

While it may be tempting to save money on electricians, especially when hiring residential electricians for small projects, keep in mind the old adage of “You Get What You Pay For.” While cheap is attractive, it may also signal inexperience or unexpected additional costs at the end of the project.

Talk to Previous Customers and Review Credentials

Most importantly, consider the professional life of the electrician and investigate both their previous customers and credentials.

Ask previous customers about the quality of work performed, whether or not the work has maintained its function, and whether or not the project was completed on time and on budget. Consider investigating licensing institutions and schools to see whether they are accredited or well-reviewed.

Internalize the Value of your Project

Few things in life are disposable, and your house or building is absolutely not one of these things – while saving money can be attractive, realize that the work you are asking the electrician to do could mean the difference between a safe, energy efficient home, and a home that is prone to structure fires or other incidents.

Consider your project an investment rather than a cost, and make sure you are getting what your money is worth.

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