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Know Your Type When Choosing A Garage Door Opener

Scree! Scree! Screeeee!

Has your relationship with your garage door opener been reduced to endless squealing nagging that leaves you dreading coming home? Has the level of communication gotten so bad that not even replacing the batteries in the remote or keypad helps open the doors between you two? If this sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to end this toxic relationship once and for all and replace the poor thing.

Shopping for a new garage door opener is a lot like dating; depending on how you do it, it can either be really fun or make you want to give up on the whole idea altogether and just open your garage door by hand like they used to do in the good old days. At first glance, all garage door openers may look alike, but the truth is, a variety exists to fit your particular needs, whether you prefer the quiet, shy type, the big and loud type, or just a low-key, low-maintenance type. So, look carefully, especially when in the rebound phase, and don’t just pick the first or cheapest one you come across.

With that in mind, here’s the speed-dating version of what types of openers there are to choose from:

Chain-drive garage door openers are like bad selfies: They’re everywhere. As the most common type of opener, they use a chain and metal trolley to do their work. With a metal-on-metal operation, these openers like to talk frequently (and loudly), so only bring this one home to meet the family if the garage either is detached from the house or shares a wall with a room that doesn’t mind the noise, like a bathroom or laundry room. However, if you’re looking for a cheap date that will turn into a long-term relationship, this drive is the way to go. They cost the least and are very low maintenance.

Ding-ding! Next!

Belt-drive garage door openers use a rubber belt rather than a harsh, metal chain to lift the door, so they’re more the shy, quiet type that likes to whisper sweet nothings when saying hello and goodbye each day. And while they’ll make you pay more at first with a higher price tag, the money you put into them up front will ensure their dependability and loyalty for many years to come.

Ding-ding! Next!

Screw-drive garage door openers focus on the straight and narrow path, literally. They use a threaded steel rod to lift and lower garage doors. Don’t let their small size fool you, though. Although they tend to be a bit slow, they are not afraid to do work usually reserved for the big boys. In fact, screw drives were designed to lift large and heavy doors and frequently out-perform chain and belt drives on that front. As long as you pay attention to them once in a while and keep them lubricated, they won’t talk too much, either.

Choosing a garage door opener does not have to be as painful and frustrating as dating. Armed with the right information, the choice will be as natural and easy as pushing a button. Talk to professionals, such as American Eagle Garage Door Services, for more information.

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