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Electrical Problems In A Home: How You Can Detect Them & The Cost Of Rewiring

Do the bulbs in a specific light fixture seem to blow out shortly after they have been installed? You may be dealing with faulty electrical wiring in your home or the problem can lie within the light fixture itself. In this article, find out how to detect electrical wiring problems and what it will cost to hire an electrician to rewire your home if necessary.

How Can a Homeowner Detect Electrical Wiring Problems?

One sign that there is an electrical wiring problem in your home is when you turn on a light fixture and it begins to make popping noises. However, the popping noises may also mean that the fixture is old or has a short in the wires. Getting the fixture replaced will fix the problem if there is nothing wrong with the wires in your ceiling and walls.

Another sign of bad electrical wiring in your home is when multiple lights flicker in different rooms. If you are only experiencing flickering with a single light fixture, it may simply mean that the bulb is in need of a replacement. A few of the other signs you can look for include:

  • Discolored electrical outlet covers
  • A burning smell coming from electrical outlets
  • Too many or few volts flowing through outlets
  • Constant turning off (tripping) of circuit breakers

An electrician can find out what the problem is by inspecting the electrical outlets and circuit breaker box. He or she will test the amount of volts flowing from the circuit breakers to the outlets by using a multimeter. After determining what the problem is, you may have to get a single room rewired or the entire house.

How Much Will it Cost If a Home is in Need of Being Rewired?

Rewiring a home of a moderate size can cost as little as $3,500 if it there is nothing making it difficult for the electrician to install new wires. You can expect to pay even less if you are only getting a single room rewired. Other fees may be added if you need new electrical outlets due to the old ones getting damaged from wiring problems.

Don’t ignore possible electrical problems by simply changing out bulbs when the continuously. You don’t want to put the problem off to the point where your home catches on fire. Contact an electrician at places like Skyline Electric Inc as soon as possible to get your home inspected so repairs can be made to keep you safe!

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