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Five Reasons Your Roof Might Be Leaking

A leaky roof can create a bevy of problems, issues, and expenses for homeowners. If you notice that your roof might be leaking into your home, immediately contact a roofing contractor for an evaluation before damage can occur. However, if you keep an eye on some key areas regarding the roof, it is possible to prevent leaks and maintain the condition of your home’s roofing.

Five things that can cause your roof to leak include:

Shabby Shingles

Shoddy shingles can cause your roof to leak. Moisture and precipitation can seep through the spots that are not protective by shingles, and deteriorate the materials beneath. If left in disrepair, these areas can cause leaks into the home resulting in more extensive damage.

Gaping Gutters

When checking out your roof, be sure to look over your gutters and eavestrough. If these systems have loose segments or gapes, they can push water toward the home and cause leaking around your roof. Clear and tighten your gutters a couple times a year to ensure that they remain functional and that they aren’t leaking water in and around your roof.

Dirt and Debris

If you allow dirt and debris to accumulate, it will become heavy from the moisture in the environment. This added weight can be detrimental to shingles and roofing materials, causing them to deteriorate and decay. It is most pragmatic to periodically sweep and clear the roof to reduce the risks of leaks.

Leaning Ladders

You can create leaks in your roofing over the course of time if you are using the the eavestrough or edging to support your ladder. Many consumers may lean their ladder against the edge of the roof during home repairs and maintenance, which is not only dangerous, but that can create cracks, leaks, and damage. Avoid supporting a ladder against the roof or eavestrough.

Pesky Pests

There are a number of ways that pests and wildlife can damage your roof, and the wear on the materials can break-down and deteriorate over time if allowed. Besides running over and building nests on the roof, pests may gnaw at shingles to create dens, which will result in leaks. The damage that these creatures wreak can be prone to mold and mildew, too, as these spots will be vulnerable to any moisture present.

A leaky roof can cause extensive damage to the home, not only with the property damaged by water but also in the potential for mold and mildew, which can be detrimental to those living there.  Be sure to regularly check and inspect your roof to identify any issues early on, and resolve them before damage can occur. The roof protects your home, so it makes sense to do what you can to keep it in tip-top condition. For more information, contact Burroge Construction LLC.

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