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Home Foundation Damage From Rainwater: Why Land Grading May Be Necessary

Do you have foundation damage from rainwater running off the hills in your yard and resting by the house? Before getting the foundation repaired, you may want to invest in land grading to level out the yard and prevent the problem from happening again. In this article, learn what you should know about land grading to determine if you want to pay for it to be done.

What is Land Grading?

Land grading is a technique that can be used to remove dirt from the hilly areas of your landscape to either level land out or readjust the slope. When the hills in your yard are positioned in a way that causes rainwater to accumulate against your house, it is important for the hills to be readjusted. For instance, a contractor can remove dirt from the hilly areas and place it closer to your home. The dirt being placed near your house will then create slope that can route rainwater away from the foundation.

A land grading project is usually carried out by using heavy equipment. The specific equipment used will depend on the size of your landscape. A bulldozer may be used for handling the dirt in a large landscape. You must keep in mind that investing in land grading means that your grass will be removed as well. Depending on the land grading company hired for the task, they may be able to plant more grass for you after land grading is complete.

What Does it Cost for Land Grading to Be Done?

The cost for land grading will vary based on who is hired for the project and the square footage of your landscape. You are looking to spend an average of up to $0.87 per square foot, give or take a little based on your location. The quoted price is based on land grading done in zip code 47474. The amount of hours spent on labor will also be factored into the price, which can run up to $200 plus for approximately three hours of labor. You may also be charged for the equipment that is needed for the contractor to complete the task.

Foundation damage can be a costly repair that can also lead to your house caving in. It is important for you to invest in prompt land grading to get rid of your hilly landscape and protect the foundation from further damage. Make an appointment with a land grading contractor like Cooley Construction Inc. to get the job done!

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