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What Do Home Renters Want from Their Outdoor Space?

It’s the responsibility of your rental property management company to ensure that your home renters are happy with their outdoor space, but do they know what your renters want? These tips will help you and your rental property management company provide functional and attractive outdoor spaces for your renters.

Easy Maintenance Landscaping Features

Home renters like attractive outdoor spaces, but might be less inclined than homeowners to spend their own time and energy making improvements and maintaining what’s there. Installing low maintenance plants will ensure that your home renters get what they want without forcing them to take on a lot of daily maintenance. This also ensures that your rental properties will look good without a lot of effort from the rental property management company.

  • Drought-resistant shrubs. Drought resistant shrubs like Japanese boxwood and Western Serviceberry bring greenery and life to outdoor spaces without requiring a lot of extra effort from the renter. As an added benefit, these specimens are both slow growing, so they’ll require less grooming and pruning than many other specimens.
  • Native flowers. Native flowers need little or no extra watering because they’re designed to thrive in the area where the home is located. Landscaping with native flowers ensures that your rental property will have outdoor color, regardless of how much time your tenants spend in the garden.
  • Self-seeding flowers or perennials. Self-seeding flowers and perennials will come back year after year without requiring someone to plant new flowers in the spring, which takes the burden off your renters.  


Grass is important for tenants who have children and for people who like to spend time entertaining outdoors. When laying sod or planting grass, your property management company must pick the right type of grass for the land.

Depending on the other landscaping features, your property may need a mixture of grasses, including shade-tolerant grass types. Shade-tolerant grass types are few and far in between, but if your property has large, dense trees, it’s important to plant grass that will grow beneath those trees. Planting the wrong type of grass for the property could result in a lot of extra maintenance from the renter and terrible looking grass as well.


Parking is critical for many renters. If your property is on a street with little or no street parking, it’s the job of your property management company to ensure that there is room on the property itself for parking two cars. That may involve widening the driveway or adding a carport.

Room to Entertain

Functional outdoor spaces like porches, patios and decks will help ensure that your tenants feel at home. This outdoor space needs to be present and in useable shape. It’s the responsibility of your rental property management company, such as Advanced Property Management, to ensure that wooden decks and patio roofs are in adequate shape for use, free of dry rot and peeling paint.

Following these tips will help make your rental properties desirable places for top-quality tenants.