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3 Tips To Help You Improve The Installation Of Vinyl Siding On Your Home

If you are looking for an affordable and durable choice for the exterior of your home, vinyl siding can be a great choice. It is a low-maintenance option to use to finish your exterior. There are some things that you may want to consider to improve the use of vinyl siding, such as using plywood sheathing, adding an air barrier and using a rigid material with foam backing. If you want to have durable vinyl siding for your home, here are some of the things that can help improve the vinyl siding:

1. Installing Rigid Plywood Sheathing For Backing Of Siding

If you want to have a durable exterior, you may want to consider using a plywood backing for the siding. In some areas this is required, but some contractors may still use a foam sheathing if it is not required by building codes. It is generally a good idea to use plywood because it is rigid and can provide your home with structural integrity. It will also mitigate flimsy siding that can easily be damaged. You can also do this if you are installing vinyl over existing siding. The plywood will provide a solid surface for the new vinyl materials to be installed on.

2. Adding An Air Barrier To Improve Energy Efficiency 

An air barrier can also help to improve energy efficiency. These materials are often called house wraps and resemble plastic packaging. They are meant to reduce air leaks and help make your home more energy efficient. The house wrap can also help to protect the plywood beneath the siding from weather. Using a house wrap will help to make your home more energy efficient and reduce energy loss.

3. Using Materials With Foam-Backing For A More Durable Finish

Vinyl siding is a plastic material that can easily be cracked and damaged when struck. To protect your home, there are now many foam-backed vinyl siding products. These materials are more durable than conventional vinyl, as well as very rigid. The foam backing also provides the additional benefit of added insulation and energy efficiency for your home. Using these materials can give your home a durable vinyl siding finish.

These are some of the things that you can do to improve the installation of vinyl siding on your home. If you are ready to have a new exterior finish for your home, contact a vinyl siding company like MAK Construction Corporation and talk with them about some of these options.