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Inspired Ideas For Customizing Your Inground Pool

Your swimming pool is bound to become the center of your backyard enjoyment. As such, it should have its own unique character. Additions to your pool can include a functional space, such as a cabana, or a decorative piece, such as a waterfall. Customize your inground swimming pool so it becomes the heart of your backyard landscape.

Poolside Cabana

A poolside cabana is essentially a pergola, but you can outfit it with plenty of amenities. The Landscaping Network recommends planning a cabana that complements your outdoor living. For example, screen off an area for changing. Likewise, consider fitting the sides of the cabana with fabric panels to control the sun. If you fancy an entertainment center, include a drinks station under your cabana.


A swimming pool is no longer about just an inground pool. In fact, homeowners prefer to infuse the space with a resort feel. One way to do this is with an attached spa. An attached hot tub provides both a space for relaxing and a place to rehabilitate sore muscles. Plan to place your spa in a corner where you can easily shield it with landscaping. The spa should be easily accessible from the house but hidden from neighbors’ view. If you have the hot tub elevated, the sides can serve as a site for a pleasant waterfall.

Water Feature

Speaking of waterfalls, water features are another inspired method for customizing your pool. The style of the waterfall depends on the overall pool design. For instance, if you have a freeform pool surrounded by lots of plants, consider a stone waterfall such as one found in nature. Conversely, a modern pool is better complemented by a fall of water from a stone slab. If your landscaping is Mediterranean or mission in style, consider having water flow from a series of terra cotta pots.

Fire Feature

On the complete other side of the spectrum, fire features bring out the elemental nature of the inground pool. Many designers are adding fire features as close to the pool as possible. The feature could be added to a naturalistic waterfall. Fire pits can also be incorporated into the hardscape, especially of a more modern pool. Fire features allow you to enjoy your swimming pool even at night.

Underwater Lighting

Another way to enjoy your pool at night is with customized underwater lighting. With the development of fiber optics and LED lighting, designers can transform your nighttime pool. For instance, it’s possible to dot the bottom of the pool with lights to mimic the look of the night sky. Alternatively, consider having contractors add ambient lighting for your evening swims.

Whether you customize for nighttime enjoyment or for healthful relaxation, create a swimming pool design, with help from a company like Easton Pool & Spa, that adds value to your life.