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Warehouse Organization: The Key To A Smooth Running Operation

In your business, you may have fast production lines and a packaging department that never gets behind. You may have material handlers that are on task and never let machines stop running. However, if your shipping and receiving department is slow, you will see the results of it in lower profits. Follow these tips for ensuring your warehouse workers remain as fast as other departments in your company.

Clearing The Way For Greater Organization

Walk through your warehouse and look for problems that interrupt organization. If there are empty boxes piled up, have your workers break them down and place them in an area designated for them. Make sure all the trash cans in your warehouse are placed in areas that make it easy for workers to use them. For example, if your warehouse workers toss plastic bags into a pile as they open materials for your production lines, having a place nearby to them for the bags to go can help reduce clutter that disrupts clean, clear organization. If your company recycles, making an area in the warehouse for recycling bins is a good idea for having a designated area for a lot of the refuse you may find piled up near workstations.

Inspect Your Pallet Rack System

If the inventory on your pallet rack system are not in any particular order, you should begin putting them in a sequence for organization. If your warehouse workers have trouble finding a particular box or pallet of materials, it will impact speed and production for other departments. Labeling pallets racks is the best way to ensure materials are always in the same place. Remember also to place heavy items on the bottom and the lighter items on the top. By doing so, you make your pallet rack system safer for workers while they unload the heavy materials. Label the aisles for making it even easier find an item.

Introduce A Scanning System If You Do Not Have One

If you do not have a bar code scanning system in your warehouse, introducing it is the best way to maintain organization. For example, when all the labels you use in your warehouse are put into a bar code system, each label will have a bar code to go with it. As inventory leaves your warehouse, whether out to a customer or back into the plant as a production material, it will be counted off digitally using a bar code scanner. Professionals are available for helping you implement a new bar code scanning system to your warehouse.

A clean, organized warehouse can make a huge difference in faster shipping and receiving tasks. If you do not have a pallet rack system in place, having one installed is a great way to get started on cleaning up and organizing your warehouse. Click to find out more.