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Home Renovation? Make Sure These Things Don’t Go In Your Dumpster

Provided that you have the tools and the aptitude, doing your own home renovations can save you the cost of hiring a contractor. When you’re taking the do-it-yourself approach, you’ll often rent a dumpster to help you dispose of the waste generated during the job. While you might be eager to throw everything from the demolition phase into the dumpster and have it carted away, it’s beneficial to think about setting aside the household items that you can donate to a local charity that provides building supplies at a reduced cost, for example. Here are four things that shouldn’t make their way into your dumpster during the renovation.


Take care when you’re tearing up the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom — while they might no longer suit your sense of style, they can be used by someone renovating a home on a budget or needing a countertop for a cottage. Plus, there’s an added benefit to keeping these bulky items out of your dumpster. Because countertops can be so large, they’ll take up considerable space in the dumpster or you’ll need to take the time to cut them up.

Old Light Fixtures

Many renovation projects involve removing old light fixtures and replacing them with something more contemporary. If you’re tackling this task during your reno, remove the old light fixtures carefully — making sure to avoid cutting the wires too short — and set them aside instead of in your dumpster. They’ll be useful to someone else looking to change their lights inexpensively.


A simple way to improve the look of the various rooms throughout your home is to upgrade your doorknobs. Although it might be tempting to toss the old knobs into your dumpster one by one, putting them into a bag and carting them to your local charity is better because the doorknobs won’t end up in the landfill. When you remove them, make sure to keep their mounting hardware. A simple technique is to tape the bolts to each knob for convenience.


An old mirror might no longer be to your liking, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t suit someone decorating in a shabby chic style. As such, make sure your mirrors don’t end up in your dumpster. Additionally, they’ll surely break upon being tossed in, which means that if you have to climb into the dumpster to retrieve something you inadvertently tossed, you’ll be at risk of cutting yourself.

For more tips on how to utilize dumpsters during a renovation, contact a local dumpster rental company.