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Three Reasons You Should Never Handle Asbestos Abatementfs Without A Pro

The very word “asbestos” tends to make people very fearful and worried because it has become synonymous with another fearful and worrisome word– cancer. If you own a building and have recently discovered that it has asbestos in nearly every part of it, you should not handle the abatement procedures on your own. Instead, hire a professional asbestos abatement contractor. The following shows three ways in which asbestos abatement should never be handled, and why you should never handle asbestos abatement without a professional.

You Cannot Use an Ordinary Commercial or Consumer Vacuum to Remove Asbestos

Many people who have seen the professionals use a type of vacuum to suck up every last floating piece of asbestos think that any vacuum can do the same job. Not so. The vacuums used by abatement contractors are highly specialized and engineered for the specific purpose of removing asbestos fibers. These vacuums carefully remove all loose and free-floating fibers and thoroughly contain them within a special holding chamber inside the vacuum. The fibers cannot escape or reverse their movement once they are inside this holding chamber. When the contractor is finished, the entire vacuum travels to a special plant where the contents of the vacuum are safely removed and destroyed.

You Cannot Remove an Asbestos-Filled Building Through Demolition

Sometimes homeowners and owners of commercial buildings make the false assumption that you can simply remove the asbestos problem by removing the building entirely. Total demolition of a house or building that still contains asbestos puts everyone at risk, including your neighbors and pedestrians on the street. Asbestos fibers and powdered asbestos can still travel on the air when it is knocked loose by the demolition trucks. The asbestos, in any form, has to be completely removed by a professional prior to demolition, at which point you may just decide to keep the building erect.

You Definitely Should Not Implode or Explode a Building If You Suspect Asbestos

Most buildings, structures and houses that are slated for implosion or explosion have to be thoroughly inspected for asbestos first. If you skip this step and then implode or explode a building that has even a little asbestos in it, you are endangering everyone that comes within several feet of the imploded/exploded building. If you have your heart set on demolishing a building quickly, you absolutely need to have an asbestos abatement contractor check it out first. (The inspection and removal of any asbestos found may cost you far less than any lawsuit or claim that your asbestos-filled, demolished building caused someone’s cancer.)

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