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3 Ways To Use Fill Dirt In Your Yard

When you think about purchasing dirt for landscaping, you might think about buying potting soil-type dirt that can be used for planting flowers and other plants. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option that can be used for a host of different purposes, consider purchasing fill dirt. Fill dirt is typically a mixed type of dirt that might not have very many nutrients for the growing of plants, but it can still be handy around the yard. These are a few ways that you can use fill dirt on your property.

1. Level Out Your Yard

One common use for fill dirt is leveling out a property. Many people prefer for their yards to be flat and level rather than uneven — it can be more aesthetically pleasing, it can make it easier for you to put up backyard structures, and it can make it a whole lot easier to cut the grass and otherwise take care of the yard. Luckily, leveling out your yard is easier than you probably think. If your yard is small or if there are only some uneven parts, you can simply add the fill dirt to the lower parts of the yard and rake it out. If your yard is more uneven, however, you can rent a backhoe or other similar piece of equipment to spread out larger amounts of dirt and to get a truly flat surface. Luckily, many home improvement stores and equipment rental stores rent out the right equipment for this job; all you’ll need on top of the rental equipment is a nice load of fill dirt.

2. Start Your Flowerbeds

Even though you might want to use something a little more nutrient-rich for actually growing your plants, fill dirt can work well for starting out your flowerbeds. If you’d like to build up your flowerbeds a little bit higher, for example, you can add a layer of fill dirt to start with. Then, you can top the fill dirt with a more nutrient-rich soil. It’s a great way to save a bit of cash, get the look that you want and ensure that your flowers and other plants have the nutrients that they need to grow.

3. Give the Kids a Place to Play

If you have kids, you can use fill dirt to create the perfect play area. Use play dirt to create a flat, soft surface for setting up a swingset or for putting out yard toys. Then, you can cover up the fill dirt with rubber mulch or another soft material to create the perfect backyard area for your kids to play. Contact a business, such as Southern Landscape Materials, for more information.