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FAQ About Investing In Stud Welding Equipment

Are you trying to figure out the best way to weld metal products for your customers? You might want to invest in stud welding equipment over flash so you can take advantages of the benefits that are included. Take a look at this article answers to some of the questions you might have before purchasing stud welding equipment for your business.

Is Stud Welding a Messy Task?

You will actually find that taking on welding projects for your customers is a lot cleaner to do with stud welding. Unlike with flash welding in which metal pieces fly all over the place, debris will remain in a small area with stud welding. Basically, stud welding equipment is manufactured with a ceramic shield that guards metal pieces from flying around your workspace. The shield will cause the metal pieces to fall down into a designated area, which means cleaning up will be an easier task.

Can Metal Be Painted Before Stud Welding is Done?

The benefit that you will enjoy with stud welding over flash is not having to paint after welding is done.  You can safely weld painted metal parts without any damage being done. With flash welding, paint can get damaged if it is applied to the metal before welding is done. The damage occurs due to the large amount of metal pieces flying around during the flash welding process.

Are Stud Welding Bonds Reliable?

You can rely on the bonds made with stud welding equipment to be reliable. The bonds will actually be stronger than the ones that are made with flash welding equipment. It is very difficult to break a bond that was created with stud welding equipment, which means that you can offer your customers a high quality of work. The strong bond is the result of a stud being placed between the two parts being welded together before the metal is melted.

Does it Take a While for Bonds to Be Made?

You won’t have to worry about stud welding equipment taking long to create bonds. You can actually count on the bonds being made faster than with flash welding equipment. For instance, two metal parts can keep falling apart before a strong bond is made with flash welding. However, the parts will remain attached during the stud welding process until a satisfactory bond is created. Visit a stud welding equipment dealer as soon as you are ready to make the investment.