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3 Tips For Choosing Your Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing and designing all of the different aspects of your home can be super fun. This gives you the opportunity to really personalize your home and make it your own. One thing that you will be able to choose is your paint colors. While the interior paint colors are important, the exterior colors are just as important. When it comes to choosing these paint colors, there are several things that you need to think about and a lot of factors to take into consideration. This article will discuss three tips for choosing your exterior paint colors. 

Look At The Homes Around You

When you paint the exterior of your home, you need to take into consideration the colors that your neighbors have painted their homes. For example, you don’t want to paint your home bright pink when all of the other homes in your neighborhood are brown and tan. Also, there may be home owner’s association rules that govern what colors you can paint your home, so you should look into these as well. The key is to first think of what colors you like best and then look around you to see how they will blend in with the other homes around you. 

Consider The Permanent Landscape 

While it is very important to consider the homes around you, you are also going to want to look at the landscape around you as well. If you live in a desert area with very little trees and grass, then you may want to consider white, tan, and brown colors to help blend in with the landscape, or you can be just the opposite and choose more bold colors such as a light or dark blue so that your home really sticks out. On the other hand, if you live in an area with a lot of green, you can paint your home a soft yellow, white, gray, or other soft color that contrasts well with all of the green. Or, if you’d like your home to blend in with your surroundings, you can paint it a hue of green or brown. In both cases, you can always do a combination of both types of colors to give your home a multidimensional look. 

Take Weathering Into Consideration

When it comes to choosing the color of your exterior paint, you are going to want to take weathering into consideration. Dark colors will likely be faded by the sun over time, but light colors on the other hand are more likely to show hard water and other types of stains. Determining your favorite colors and then weighing the pros and cons of each is a great way to decide.